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LOLΔ ∇ENΔDO // California roots. Vacilando spirit. Born with river blood, magic bones, and a moonlit heart. Mother. Maker. Word forager. Energy guide. Botanical bruja. Gatherer of dinner parties and Moon circles. ULC ordained officiant. Ally to the wild sacred. Honoring ancestral folk rituals and remedies to live everyday life as ceremony. When not traveling in my van to pray at the altars of forest, river, and ocean, I’m cultivating urban magic in the river city of Sacramento from a home with an abundance of apothecary jars, feathers, bones, and stones.

SΔGRΔDΔ FOLK // Sagrada Folk is a space that connects community by way of the weavings of the world wide web and communing in the physical through skill shares, ceremony, and story. It is a place of practicing, honoring, and offering. It is re-membering and reconciling the ancestral Medicine of my mixed kinfolk. Sagrada is sacred.

Gather. Ritual. Remedy.

"Lola Venado is a Sacramento community folk herbalist, energy worker, writer, and gatherer of Moon circles. She believes in honoring ancestral rituals and remedies and the everyday magic they can bring into our lives. Her spiritual practice is grounded and practical, establishing an approachable narrative for cultivating sacred healing."

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